Nigel Slater's Chicken and Mint Salad

author: steveandsarah

created: 2004-08-02 18:24:30

servings: 3


I noticed this in the Observer Food Monthly at a time when I was in the habit of packing a lunch every day, and thought it would be excellent for a packed lunch, which indeed it is, as it improves from sitting around. I made it with brown basmati rice, and it was very good. I think it would also work well with shrimp instead of chicken.


Roast chicken and mint salad (adapted from Nigel Slater.) basmati rice - 200g, boiled sprouted seeds (mung, lentils etc) - 175g small, hot red chillies - 2 mint - 6 bushy sprigs [I think I have also added a good handful of another pungent or peppery herby green--like coriander--cilantro--or watercress] nam pla (Thai fish sauce) - 2 tbs lime juice - 2 tbs [I think I added more] olive oil - 3 tbs 2 roast chicken breasts or leftover chicken Make the dressing by chopping and seeding the chillies, chopping the mint leaves (and discarding the stem) and mixing in a serving dish or tupperware with the nam pla, lime juice and olive oil. Tear or cut the chicken into strips. Toss them with the dressing then add the cooled rice. Mix gently then check the seasoning. You may need a little salt or more lime or fish sauce. Leave for at least 20 minutes for the flavours to marry.