Tame Kimchi

author: steveandsarah

created: 2004-08-02 18:00:32



This recipe is from Didi Emmons's book Vegetarian Planet. Emmons describes how she developed this "tamer" version of the Korean condiment so she could eat more of it. I can relate, as someone who also finds kimchi addictive, but painfully fiery. Happily, this kimchi is just as moreish minus the pain; although, be warned that its effects on the breath are quite potent...


1/2 medium red onion, sliced thin 2 small carrots, julienned, grated, or sliced fine 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds napa cabbage (half a medium head), cored and sliced into 1-inch strips 1/4 cup kosher or sea salt 5 to 6 garlic cloves, minced 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger 1 to 3 teaspoons hot chile sauce, or 1 teaspoon chile flakes 2 teaspoons sugar 3 tablespoons rice vinegar (sometimes I add a little more) 2 tablespoons canola or corn oil 1. In a large bowl, combine the red onion, carrots, cabbage and salt. Add just enough water to cover the vegetables. Let them sit at room temperature overnight. 2. The next day, drain the vegetables. Add the remaining ingredients and toss well. Chill the salad for at least 1 hour before serving. It will keep in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Emmons says this serves 6; I wouldn't know. We normally make up a batch and keep it in the fridge to snack on. It's usually gone within 2 days. Variation: (I've never tried this.) This kimchi doesn't undergo a fermenting process, as real kimchi does. If you'd like to ferment this kimchi, omit the oil and put the mixture into a large, sterilized jar. Let the kimchi stand at room temperature for two to four days, opening the jar once a day to let out the gases that build up. Store the kimchi in the refrigerator after this period. It will keep for several weeks.