Salmon Croquettes

author: susanandrowell

created: 2004-07-24 20:40:08



from "from noodles to strudels volume two" (ok, I'm really a mom now, I make food w/ ketchup and mayo out of the hadassah cookbook, you can laugh if you want but these are really good. :-) )


1 16 oz can salmon 1/2 c matzo meal 2 eggs, beaten 3 tbs mayo (or a little less) 3 tbs ketchup (or a little less) butter for frying Drain the salmon, put it in a bowl and break it up a little. Beat the eggs in a small bowl, add the mayo and ketchup and a little salt and pepper. Stir into the salmon and mix it up. Shape it into patties and fry in butter. Serve with lots of lemon to squeeze over it.