Talal's Aloo Bhaji

author: steveandsarah

created: 2004-07-20 22:10:26



This is typically served for brunch with fried eggs and, if you're lucky, some dahl pooris that a loving relative has made for you; but it's well tasty by itself too.


Potatoes washed and peeled and sliced finely like French fries. Have them rinsed in a sieve. Put a tiny pinch of zeera (cumin), turmeric (optional) & chilli. Let the water drain completely. Mix well the spices & potatoes. Chop two/three onions likewise, i.e. like french fries. Fry them in oil with a bit of crushed garlic. You can add some paach phoron [spice mix of five seeds available in Indian groceries] (again optional). Once brownish, add the potatoes - fry & stir them around and then let simmer for a few minutes with a lid on. Every five minues or so, stir them around until cooked. Shouldn't get soggy!