Vodka Marinated Sirloin

author: claireandhen

created: 2004-07-19 15:50:14



I like to eat this with Baked Fennel and Cucumber Salad


1 Thick Steak Coarse Sea Salt Crushed Black Pepper Parsley - finely chopped Thyme - finely chopped, in two piles Garlic Cloves - crushed Vodka Olive Oil Vegetable Oil Unsalted Butter Rub the steak with the salt and pepper then marinate in the parsley, the first pile of thyme, the garlic, the olive oil and the vodka, turning twice a day, FOR TWO OR THREE DAYS. Less is not enough. Take the meat out of the refrigerator an hour or two before cooking. Heat an oven to 200C 425F. Setting aside the marinade, sear the meat on a hot skillet. Then transfer to a baking tray, pour the marinade over the meat, and put in the oven for 5 minutes (or so - depending how rare you want it). Take the meat out of the oven and let it rest. Meanwhile: Pour the cooking juices into a saucepan and heat gently. Stir in the butter and season with salt and pepper and the other pile of thyme. Carve the meat and serve with the sauce.