In-Laws' Devilled Turkey

author: claireandhen

created: 2004-07-19 15:49:17



In my house, we just use up the turkey leftovers in sandwiches, or with baked potatoes. In Henry's house, it's far more impressive. Both his mum and his dad have family recipes for devilled turkey, I think this is a mix of the two. It's delicious.


Mix 2 tbsp tomato ketchup, 2oz flour, 1 tbsp curry powder, 1tsp mustard powder / 1 tbsp mustard , 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 2 tbsp mango chutney. (These amounts are hotly debated. If you want more mustard / curry / tomato, you go right ahead). Add enough milk to give it the consistency of a thick yoghurt. Chop up leftover turkey, ideally with some stuffing and any chestnuts as well, and mix to coat with the paste. Fry gently in a wide, shallow pan, trying to leave it long enough to brown without burning too much (pretty tricky given the mango chutney in the sauce, but definitely worth aiming for. But don't torture yourself, a few charred bits are part of the charm). Serve with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts (or other greens, if you can't find the feisty little bullets).