Happy Happy Muesli

author: claireandhen

created: 2004-07-19 15:49:01



On the eve of my sister's wedding in Toronto, she and I stayed at a v swanky hotel in Toronto (oh yes, every epidemic has a silver lining: in the ase of SARS, affordable hotel bookings...). We had a room a good three times the size of my London flat, big fluffy dressing gowns and more than a few butterflies in our stomachs. In the morning, we ate Muesli in bed, served on silver platters, and the recipe was so good Sarah later called the hotel, spoke to the chef and got the recipe. This is it.


1 cup Oatmeal 1x175 gr. Individual Fruit Yogurt (rhubarb would be my favourite) 1/2 cup Orange Juice 1 Lemon juiced ¼ cup Raisins ¼ cup Honey (optional) 1 Apple grated 1 Banana sliced 1/2 cup Grapes cut in half 1 cup Seasonal Berries (raspberries and redcurrants are a fab combination) 1/2 cup Whipped cream (v v optional) Mix the Oatflakes with the Juices ,Yogurt, Raisins and Honey, and keep in fridge overnight. The next day, add all the Fruits and mix well. If it's the morning of someone's wedding, finish by folding in the whipped Cream. Enjoy! Makes about 6 servings.