Blood Orange Granita

author: claireandhen

created: 2004-07-19 15:47:45



To eat on a hot day, or while in labour. Or both.


1 litre carton blood orange juice. 1 lemon water 3 tbsp sugar. Make a sugar syrup, warming the water and the sugar until all the crystals have dissolved. Once it has cooled, mix with the lemon and blood orange juice. Put in a wide plastic carton, and freeze. As soon as it's frozen, turn it to slush by dragging a fork across the surface. It turns from a deep red block to a mass of pink froth. Keep in the freezer. Lemon is also lovely; and so is coffee - you mix lots of espresso with water and a lot of sugar syrup. Can't think how much, but the basic rule is that you make it sweeter than tastes right, as freezing makes things taste less sweet.