Gumbo from Chef Wilson

author: georgette

created: 2007-10-25 03:46:32

servings: 12+


This is an awesome Gumbo!


1 cup chopped celery 1 cup chopped green onions 1 cup chopped green pepper 4 cloves garlic chopped 1/2 lb bacon 1 whole chicken 3 Tbs File gumbo 3 Tbs Thyme 3 Tbs Basil 2 Bay leaves 1 sausage ring 1- 10 oz package frozen okra, chopped 6 oz worcestershire sauce 1- 24 oz can of tomatoes 1- 8 oz can of Rotel tomatoes 1 Tbs black pepper Salt to taste 10 chicken cubes 1/2 cup white wine Seafood- shrimp, crab, fish, oysters. Boil chicken, de-bone and save broth. Put chicken back in the pot, add file gumbo, thyme, basil, bay leaves and worcestershire sauce. In frying pan, cook bacon. Once the bacon is done, set aside and save 3/4 of the grease for a roux. Add the celery, onions, green pepper in the remaining bacon grease and saute until vegetables are done. Add vegetables to chicken pot and make roux with the remaining grease. [Roux is flour added to grease until the flour turns brown]. Add to the chicken pot and stir until gumbo thickens. Add the remaining ingredients except the okra and fish. Simmer about 20 minutes. Add okra and simmer another 10 minutes. Turn heat off and drop in the seafood. Cover and let sit with the cover on for about 15 minutes. The fish will cook in the hot gumbo. Enjoy!