Pasta Sarah Jane

author: sarahjane

created: 2004-07-19 15:39:21




Fusilli, or some equivalent (1-2 cups per person) Olive oil (1 tbsp per person) Garlic (1 clove per person), mince Very ripe medium sized tomatoes (2-4 per person), chopped Soft, creamy goat cheese Fresh basil, shredded 1. Boil pasta until al dente in plenty of salted water. Drain and return to pot. 2. While pasta water is boiling, saute garlic in olive oil until just golden. 3. Add tomatoes. Cook until they have softened and started to form a sauce. 4. Add goat cheese to pasta. Stir to combine. 5. Add tomato sauce and shredded basil. Stir to combine, and serve.