Silver Palate's Greek Lemon Soup

author: ro

created: 2004-12-02 03:10:47



Excellent and fast comfort food. You'll proably end up making two batches. One doesn't last long. From the 1st Silver Palate book


6 C. low sodium chicken stock or use home made 1/2 C. jasmine or basmati rice 1/4 C. freshly squeezed lemon juice 3 egg yolks S&P to taste Paper thin lemon slices for garnish Bring stock to a boil Add rice and cook at slight a simmer until rice is tender - About 15- 20 minutes Whisk yolks and lemon juice together When rice is tender gradually add about a cup of hot stock to the yolk mixture whisking continuously the whole time. Add tempered yolk mixture back to the pot and heat through DON’T bring it to a boil, the eggs will curdle. You can also add chicken meat to the soup. I sometimes make a stock from thighs and drumsticks when I'm making this soup nad then I have meat to add to the soup as well as a new batch of stock. Float a paper thin lemon slice on top of the soup when serving. A little chopped parsley on top is nice too. This soup is also amazingly good at room temperature.