Gordon Hamersley's Romesco sauce

author: ro

created: 2004-11-06 19:08:57



Great as a sandwich spread or on roasted/baked potatoes and roasted/grilled veggies. It's really, really good on roasted chicken sandwiches or leftover skirt steak sandwiches with porcini mushrooms. It's great on pasta too. It freezes well and keeps in the fridge for about 5 days.


Romesco Sauce From: Bistro Cooking at Home By Gordon Hamersley 1 cup nuts, toasted - A combination of almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts or just all almonds or all hazelnuts. I use half almonds and half hazelnuts. 2 red peppers roasted, stemmed, peeled and seeded 2 canned tomatoes, seeded 2 ancho chilis rehydrated until soft (about a half hour) in a cup or two of boiling water, stem and seed after rehydrating, reserve liquid 2 Tsp. chopped garlic 2 Tb chopped fresh parsley 3 Tb. chopped fresh mint 3 Tb. good quality sherry vinegar 1 Tb. kosher salt 1Tsp. freshly ground black pepper 1/2 C. EVOO(Extra virgin olive oil) more if needed. Toast nuts in a 350 oven on a cookie sheet until fragrant, let cool and process until finely chopped in a food processor Coarsely chop anchos, red peppers and tomatoes, add to processor along with garlic and pulse until combined Throw in everything else and process until fairly smooth. Add more EVOO or ancho liquid if too thick. Season to taste with S,P, ancho liquid or vinegar