Mango Fool

author: steveandsarah

created: 2004-11-03 00:28:23



This is an old standby of Jeni's.


You will need: 1 can of mango pulp, available in Indian grocery stores. If there is a choice of different kinds, choose that made from Alphanso mangoes (the brand I got last time was called Nirmal) as according to my relatives, these are the best kind of mango. Put the can in the fridge (saves time as the dessert needs to be chilled.) You will also need either whipping cream or thick plain yogurt. Now, traditionally a fool is most definitely made with whipped cream. The last time I made this with cream, however, I guess I didn't whip it enough, because when I mixed the mango pulp in it acquired a very soupy consistency. It was still tasty, and no-one I was serving it to knew what a fool was, and that it wasn't meant to be soup, so it didn't matter. But I think it is better when it's thick. I've therefore taken to making it with yogurt recently, which is equally delicious, and less hassle. To make the fool stir together equal proportions of mango pulp and yogurt or whipped cream, or whatever proportions taste good to you (I've never tried a combination of yogurt and cream, but I don't suppose it could be bad). Chill. If the pulp and yogurt / cream are both cold, you can even forgo the chilling and eat it right away. To make it look fancy, serve in individual glasses / bowls. You could probably season it with some crushed cardamom seeds, and that would probably be good, though I've never tried. It's good on its own, or you could serve it with some kind of crunchy cookie (such as macaroons).