Curried Chutney Dip

author: Lorag123

created: 2012-10-20 11:48:39

servings: 2cups



I med. Onion peeled cut into slim wedges 1 med. Sizes garlic clove peeled 2TB butter 1 TB curry 8 oz. Cream cheese, cut into 1 " cubes 1/3 C cnutney 2 TB light cream 1/4 tsp. Salt Generous grindings of black pepper In a FP finely mince onion and garlic Scrape mixture into a small skillet in which you have melted the butter Sauté over moderate heat about 5 minutes until limp and golden Blend in then curry powder and mellow 2-3 minutes over med. heat Scrape mixture in to FP Add remaining ingredients and cream until smooth about 15 seconds Serve immediately or refrigerate until 30 minutes before serving Serve with crudités