Smoked Tout and Tarragon Dip

author: Lorag123

created: 2012-10-19 19:04:24

servings: 2 cups



1/2 lb.smoked trout, bones and skin discarded 1 C creme fraiche or sour cream 3TB fresh t Lemon juice 1/2 C minced shallot 1/2 C fresh finely chopped tarragon or 1 TB dried. 1 tsp. Freshly. Grated lemon zest 1/2 tsp. Pepper Serve on sliced cucumber, sliced apples tossed with fresh lemon juice or Melba toast in a FP chop fine the trout , Add the sour cream, lemon juice, and shallot and process until just combined Add zest, tarragon and pepper and pulse briefly to blend Transfer to a serving bowl and chill for 1 hour or up tom2 days Serve at room temperature