Roasted Poblano Cream Soup

author: caglepc

created: 2004-10-17 17:22:33



Adapted from Rick Bayless, Mexican Kitchen Good for upcoming cold weather - and flexible: you can substitue most any vegetable for the corn (potatoes, sauteed zucchini, greens)


1 pound (6 medium-large) fresh poblano chilis 1 T. olive oil 1 large white onion, slice 1/4 inch thick 3 garlic cloves 1/2 t. Mexican oregano 1/4 t .dried thyme 6 c. sliced chard or spinach leaves 4 1/2 c. broth, chicken or vegetable 1/2 c. cream, thick cream or creme fraiche 1/2 c. masa harina salt to taste Kernels cut from 5-6 ears fresh corn Roast poblanos under flame of broiler until blackened on all sides. Place in a covered bowl to let cool before peeling and removing seeds and stems. Cut into strips. Meanwhile, heat oil in a heavy 4 qt. pot over medium-high heat. Saute onions til nicely browned but still crunchy, then add garlic and herbs. After a minute, add chiles. Heat through. Add spinach or chard leaves and 1 cup of the broth. Cover and simmer over medium heat until greens are cooked but still vibrant green, about 4 min. Remove from heat and puree in batches in food processor or blender. Return to the pot. You can strain through a mesh strainer if you want a finer texture, but I don't find it worth the bother. Whisk in the masa harina, and the soup should thicken immediately. Add corn kernels and heat for about a minute or two, just to cook corn slightly. Add cream and check for salt. Serve immediately.